The fashion-forward and ultra-sophisticated collection by Peter Copping was named after one of the prophetic artists of the 1930s. The name ‘Zina’ coming from Zina de Plagny adds a sensual and feminine allure to the complete outfit parade. Nina Ricci had the chance to work with this talented artist who also created a set of breath-taking floral prints which are re-invented by Copping in this glamorous runway show.

Drawing inspiration from the fashion of past decades, the style godfather managed to introduce a vintage and high class vibe into daywear outfits. Accessories crowned style compositions offering a modern flair due to their ultra-flattering structures and ladylike shades. The Nina Ricci spring 2012 shoes offer you the chance to complement your office chic or semi-formal apparels. You don’t have to be a supermodel to breathe life into these extraordinary pointy toe high heels and lovely platform sandals.

 Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes  Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes  Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes

Zina de Plagny is the mastermind behind the blossom patterns which decorate the head-turning chunky heels and chic pointy toe shoes. Get inspired by the fab looks of supermodels who offer you an insight into the creative fantasy behind the spring collection. The latest Nina Ricci shoes vary in heel designs and shades. Candy colors guarantee the ultra-femme allure of these accessories.

Match the most flattering shoe design to your ensemble. Rev up your look with grown-up glamorous and cut-out high heels or you can also take a more youthful and princess-y turn by sporting some of the black and light pink colored platform sandals. Ladylike fashion is definitely the current obsession of A-list designers. Copping joined the armada of fashion creators who’s ready to turn back several decades to explore the style policy which made the Nina Ricci atelier so influential and popular.

 Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes  Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes  Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes  Nina Ricci Spring 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Nina Ricci