For all those Nike’s Women Sportswear lovers, the brand has prepared a fabulous surprise, through what else than the design of great pairs of Nike’s, destined for these love filled times: Valentine’s Day. The Nike Court Force High for Valentine’s Day 2011 shoes are absolutely adorable and a perfect choice for any casual occasion. The shoes definitely stand out and can be worn after V-day as well, due to the simplistic approach of the design.

Because Valentine’s Day is a very special time which celebrates love, Nike has decided to get into the V-Day spirit and celebrate love through what else than shoes. The shoes are quite simplistic, but still fabulous, due to the subtle details chosen which take you on a lovely romantic journey to love. If you love fun and flirty shoes, get your Nike’s on and you’ll look adorable.

The V-Day shoes by Nike for 2011 feature white upper leather which is side perforated to create a more interesting pattern that attracts attention. To add a touch of color to the design, Nike selected striped and colored ankle collars and a fabulous heart design surrounding the Nike logo on the nylon tongue of the shoe. As not everyone shares the same appreciation for color, Nike decided to use two shades this time for their Valentine’s Day shoes, colors which match a myriad of colors as well, the colors red and aqua blue in combination with white. White color dominates the shoes and this makes them perfect for everyday wear, not just V-day.

Nike Court Force High for Valentine Nike Court Force High for Valentines Day 2011

The details of the release date have not been revealed yet, but V-Day is just around the corner, so the shoes will probably hit the shelves soon. Until then, take a peek at the designs and select the perfect pair of Nike Court Force High for Valentine’s Day 2011, just so you can be prepared for the moment the shoes become available for purchase.

To ensure your brand new Valentine’s Day shoes match your outfit, Nike is also going to release two tank tops for women which feature the Nike logo surrounded by a heart. These items will definitely make you look casual, but feminine as well, so don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite Nike items.

Nike Court Force High for Valentine Nike Court Force High for Valentine

Photo courtesy of Nike