Must have women’s shoes are the shoes that should not miss from any woman’s wardrobe. Shoes are very important when it comes to physical appearance and style as they can help complete different outfits. The fashion trends change every year to avoid entering a routine and to ensure that new stylish designs and creations suit the present needs.

Love for shoes is experienced by most women as there are so many unbelievable designs available to choose from and which absolutely capture attention. The right shoes can transform the look of an outfit making it look amazing while the wrong pair of shoes can make an outfit look awful. The love for designer shoes can come instantly at the sight of a pair which matches you, your personality, style and dreams. Because different outfits require different style of shoes and because shoe trends change every year, try to ensure that the following must have women’s shoes don’t miss from your closet.

Pumps Pumps are highly fashionable this year as they are feminine, sexy and vintage. All these characteristics are the key to a pair of gorgeous shoes suitable for casual chic and elegant occasions. There are a variety of designs to choose from as not all women benefit from the same shoe designs. The most popular pumps this year seem to be platform pumps which due to their design offer a slimming effect to the legs and a very feminine posture. Choose the color and the heel length that works for you best just make sure to have a pair as pumps are definitely a pair of must have shoes.

Lanvin Pumps John Galliano Spring 2010

Flats Flat sandals are a must as they match the casual chic trend of this year and ensure the comfort and style every woman needs to benefit from. Gladiator sandals, ballerina sandals, thong sandals look fabulous and match the current fashion trends, completing different outfit styles. There are so many designs of flat sandals to choose from it’s unbelievable so finding a pair that matches your style will not be difficult.

sandals flats

Peep toe booties Peep toe boots can be seen everywhere from your favorite celebrity to every shoe store this year as they are one of the hottest trends of the year. Suitable for several occasions peep toe booties look stunning if paired with the right dress or skirt outfit. The sexy cut which reveals the toe area attracts attention and creates a very feminine look. Suitable for different seasons and occasions peep toe booties are a definite must have this year.

Burberry 2010 valentino 2010

Wedges Wedges are highly popular as they bring comfort and style to a casual outfit. There are a variety of wedges designs you can choose from to match the style of your outfits so make sure you have a pair standing by so you can look and feel great whenever you wish.

Dior 2010 proenza

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