Our favorite summer reverie envisioned by the oh-so-popular Mulberry fashion house lined up a limited still charming selection of shoe designs. Drenched in candy hues and armed up with an extremely comfy silhouette, these accessories will definitely feature in the wardrobe of all trendsetters this year. The Mulberry spring 2012 wedge sandals complemented the cutest striped dresses and tweed suits radiating the romantic breeze we could die for.

Extremely wearable ensembles took over the scene, glammed up with the hottest and classy Mulberry handbags and high street shoe designs. It’s time to rock more challenging trends like the wedges+ankle socks combination. Are you ready to wow your entourage with a sophisticated and colorful wardrobe which offers a prominent role to these dazzling wedges?

Mulberry Spring 2012 Wedges Mulberry Spring 2012 Wedges

The fabulous wedges tinted with light pink, pistachio green and creamy hues deserve special attention especially if you’re simply fond of comfortable and dapper footwear trends. The hip Mulberry brand decided to break away from the statement and architectural design patterns to inject romance and a youthful flair into these must have accessories.

Wedges as presented in the ad campaign and on the runway serve as the best details to set the atmosphere for the presentation of a girly outfit repertoire. Emma Hill as the creative director of Mulberry succeeded in taking the Brit chic accessory designs to the seaside and add a candy floss aura to the latest collection. These are the ultimate shoes to buy now in order to make a long term style investment.

Mulberry Spring 2012 Wedges Mulberry Spring 2012 Wedges Mulberry Spring 2012 Wedge Sandals

Image courtesy of Mulberry