If you are fed up with the multitude of floral and animal prints that have flooded the runways this season, perhaps geometric prints with a tribal hint will prove to be a more suitable alternative. The spring summer 2011 Missoni shoe collection uses tribal influences extensively in order to create a one of a kind collection that is definitely worth admiring.

When accessorizing, most women focus either on the shoes or a handbag in order to make a style statement. Those who consider shoes to be their go-to accessory should definitely stay informed about the latest footwear trends in order to stay fashionable and stylish all season long. Luckily, the most important fashion houses along with retailers are constantly coming up with new options to meet our needs and expose us to a series of style options we might have not considered otherwise.

The Missoni brand has really taken a few steps to consolidate its status as a luxury brand. The latest Missoni ad campaign featuring the beloved Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester, has definitely sparked our interest and left us craving for more. In terms of accessories, the brand really excels at creating interest through a series of eye catching prints without going over the top. Despite the multitude of colors combined in a single design, the overall impression seems to be one of surprising versatility. With a multitude of shoe styles available, the brand does not focus solely on items designed to exude elegance and sophistication, but it pays attention also to functionality.

Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes

As expected, the brand sticks to the concepts that have set it apart from other similar brands in the industry. Knits and geometric patterns are once again the main focus of the collection, being impressively combined for the ultimate fashion statement. The striking geometry of the designs is created using rectangles, stripes or zig zag patterns.

The color contrasts create the illusion of a 3 D effect, being a wonderful distinctive trait of the collection. Although the mathematics precision and the obvious symmetry of the designs might not instantly suggest the idea of femininity, the designs have a series of girly touches that are truly interesting and that amp up the cuteness factor. Bow details are a wonderful illustration of this idea.

Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes

Although wedges, platform shoes and high heeled sandals are the most appealing options for those who monitor the shoe trends of the season closely, more casual shoe styles are also worth analyzing as they are just as interesting. Ballet flats or flat sandals in vibrant hues are wonderful choice for those who believe that comfort and elegance are not two mutually exclusive notions. The brand even offers an alluring option for those who like sneakers, offering a superbly printed pair as a source of inspiration. Prepare to make a statement without making any fashion sacrifices with this amazing shoe collection from the renowned Italian brand.

Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Flats Missoni Spring/Summer 2011 Shoes

Photo courtesy of Missoni