Karl Lagerfeld and footwear brand Melissa teamed for a four piece capsule collection. Leaving the serious tone aside for a moment, Karl Lagerfeld opted for a few fun styles. The latest collection won’t be the only project the designer will be collaborating on with Brazilian label. The next four seasons will be bringing more exciting alternatives from the two brands in the form of mini collections.

For the Brazilian label, the new project is an extremely exciting options: “This is one of the most exciting collaborations that our company has ever started. Karl Lagerfeld, the most iconic designer of the 21st century, has widened his kingdom by joining the world of Melissa. Lagerfeld’s great talent, synonymous with couture, will be translated into a shoe line, expanding our consumer base and making his brand more accessible for all,” Paul Pedo, marketing director of Melissa stated.

Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes 2013

For designer Pier Paolo Righi, CEO of the Karl Lagerfeld label stated that the new collection: “Melissa has been great in translating Karl’s inspirations and designs in genuinely fun and fashionable products That many women will be very happy to wear.” Plastic jelly shoes have rarely looked as glamorous as the new options. The new styles will definitely attract the attention of fashionistas who love to break the routine every once in a while. With both comfortable alternatives and high impact options the new Melissa + Karl Lagerlfeld shoes will definitely prove a great addition to your outfits being an awesome conversation piece.

The Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld shoes will be launched on the Brazilian label’s official website starting with March 26, even though these styles are marketed as being fall/winter options.The new line is arguably one of the most interesting new projects launched under the label even though the label has collared with plenty of important labels in the past. Would you wear the new jelly shoes envisioned by the Chanel director?

Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes 2013 Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes 2013 Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Shoes 2013

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