It’s hard not to become addicted to the recent accessory collections. If you admit the importance of the visual impact ultra-refined bags and shoes can have on your overall apparel, stay on trend with the newest wave of style items you should definitely include into your blooming season closet.

The Marni spring 2012 shoes collection is marked by the incurable loyalty of the brand to 70s design patterns and material selection. The classy and safe color combinations guarantee the suit-all quality of these chic high heels and leather sandals. Consuelo Castiglioni is the style godmother behind this ultrafemme and gorgeous fashion compositon. Professionally sculpted silhouettes and a sight-pampering color palette are used to meet the sophisticated tastes of the fashion pack for beautiful accessories.

 Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes

Using accessories to glam up your outfits for the upcoming year is a brilliant idea. Some of the most revolutionary and signature elements used in numerous Marni shows are the classy patent leather tinted ones with different shades along with the wooden heels which make these high heel sandals so outstanding. Retro design patterns are taken to the next level by Consuelo Castiglioni, creating the impression that we are on the verge of past decades and a brand new style era. 70s style influences are combined with the fantastic world of iconic and ultra-modern prints.

The result of this fusion left the style pack breathless. The hottest footwear designs were drenched into candy hues and lovely neutrals. The bright yellow and red sandals stand out from the rest of the collection due to their eye-popping and summerish flair. Build up a polished and feminine ensemble using Marni shoes as the crown pieces of your appearance.

 Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes  Marni Spring 2012 Shoes Consuelo Castiglioni

Image courtesy of Marni