The Manolo Blahnik brand is considered to be the definition of style and glamor. Even though the brand had all the necessary attributes to become well known on its own, there’s no point in denying that the “Sex and the City” series have tremendously boosted the popularity of this high-end label. Since a strong accent is placed on elegance, sophistication and originality, it is rather obvious to expect high heeled shoes that have the power to transform one’s silhouette to be the main focus of the collection.

The spring summer 2011 collection is extremely comprehensive featuring several options that might interest fashionistas who want to bring a little glamor into their lives. Bold, eccentric designs or classic designs, modern touches seem to be the main categories of style influences to choose from.

The Manolo Blahnik brand does an amazing job when it comes to picking the mainstream fashion trends and turning them around by filtering them through a whole new vision. The results speak for themselves as all the designs presented have a real potential to impress.

It is a well known fact that floral prints and summer are pretty much like peanut butter and jelly, meaning that they are a combo that is used extensively by fashion designers due to their instant appeal. The Manolo brand however, restrains from such mundane styles and uses plants as an inspiration. The rough edges, the color palette used are a clear indication of the theme chosen. When the floral influence is chosen, it can be found only in the form of texture on the shoes.

Neon colors are another trend that is greatly emphasized by the designer. Although neutral shades are also available for those who have a more conservative style vision, it is quite clear that the main intention of the designer was to create statement shoes that can instantly become focal points and which add an original touch to a well chosen outfit. Stripes and geometric prints are a small part of the collection, highlighting the classic touches many women may appreciate.

There are many different touches that make this collection stand out compared to others of this sort. Among these, designs with a strong geometric precision, wonderful, vibrant color combos, the great variety of options available and the balanced approach with just the right dose of quirkiness are without a doubt among the first ones that come to our minds. With so many eye-catching designs to choose from, it is always easy to view comfort as a notion of less importance. Even though flats are also part of the collection, their design quality almost immediately fades when compared to high heeled shoes.

Photo courtesuy of Manolo Blahnik