Parisian shoe designer Mai Malore has successfully blended art with designing shoes. Her creations are nowadays known all over the world for their artistic feature, very couture, which transforms a shoe into a statement, a desire and a mysterious accessory that overcomes its own limits.

Mai Lamore shoes mean feathered and bejeweled platforms, slinky panther, leopard sandals, golden heels, silk petals and precious stones.

In an interview for the UK edition of Vogue, the French shoe designer explains the concept behind any of her shoes: "A shoe, more than any other clothing item, is an object that already exists before even being worn; shoes do not generally fold up or fall lifeless as most clothing items do when not worn. This 'object' quality has a certain mystery to it, akin to a sculpture with a life of its own. A high luxury shoe should look as stunning on the foot as it would in a vitrine."

Before becoming a shoe designer, Mai Lamore spent 20 years very much involved in the art world, collaborating with the French Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and the Department of Culture for the City of Paris and opening three art galleries in Paris, France.

This experience has transformed her into a very inspired designer – shoes that look just like an animal wrapped around the ankle, with a tail trailing from the heel, or spectacular wedges or crooked heels.

Couture ShoesMai Lamore Couture

Mai Lamore Rose shoes are a clear example of her art: an 18 karat gold heel, featuring silk petals that are hand-dyed, and a bee that rests on the shoes, which is made of some of the precious stones I’ve mentioned earlier, in this case, gold, onyx and agate.

Oh yeah, if you're wondering about their price, you shouldn't be surprised to find that they cost $27.945.

Mai Lamore Couture ShoesMai Lamore Couture Shoes

Mai Lamore lives in a state of permanent inspiration, as she declares, and it's pretty easy to see it translated into her creations.
As a true artist, she finds her inspiration from almost everything she sees, experiences, reads or hears about.