Kurt Geiger has always managed to find the right balance between sophistication and functionality and injecting a touch of boldness once in a while. This balanced approach is easily seen in the autumn/winter 2012 lookbook. Boots, handbags, jewelry, all get subjected to the glam treatment that beautifully balances modern vibes with timeless allure that makes the covetability factor increase tremendously. Though you won’t find funky prints in the new line, other style elements are surprisingly prevalent.

Studs and spikes are such example. From chunky boots or sneakers to more elegant pumps, a little goes a long way when it comes to making one stand out and the label offers a little something for everyone. Buckles and straps are other simple elements which can make everything more interesting without adding too much bulk. If you’re on the quest for more feminine touches, lace boots and pumps can be an amazingly fun option to stand out in a variety of formal occasions.

When it comes to handbags, versatility with a modern vibe is the main intent of the label. Minimalistic touches are well highlighted and the overall simplicity of the designs is definitely an attractive feature for those looking for an investment piece. Oversized clutches and chain bags are the main styles the label brings to fashionstas’ attention for the coldest months of the year.

The same glamourous yet fairly toned down approach can be noticed as far as jewelry is concerned. Staying gorgeous is a matter of finding the right balance between style and functionality and the label sure knows how to touch the right note with these fun new accessories. Revamp your everyday cold season looks with these simple yet fun accessories.

Photo courtesy of Kurt Geiger