The fashion house that floods fashionistas with colorful and vibrant clothing items and accessories is here with the newest collection of on trend footwear designs. Style fans who wish to stay up-to-the-minute with the hottest fashion waves that landed on the street right off the runway will have the privilege to dive into the depth of the Killah shoes spring/summer 2011 repertoire.

Wedges, flats and high heels will inject some interest into your casual or clubbing apparel. Open your heart and mind to the most flirtatious sandals that come in an infinite color palette. High street prints along with professionally inspired detailing will turn these stylish shoes into statement accessories.

Forget neutral shades and traditional design patterns. It’s high time to channel your innovative fashion fantasies into your looks with a versatile wardrobe. High heels decorated with ruffles and studs together with shoe designs that radiate a more youthful allure can perk up your signature clothing style. Sophisticated fabric selection meets a rich color scale as the perfect combo to make sure these footwear styles are immediately spotted by those who long for a color splash and vivacity in their appearance. Choose the most flattering high heels that suit your walking skills and silhouette. Crown your semi-formal or casual chic outfit with one of these amazing accessories.

Lose yourself in the myriad of wedges that give your feet an uber-comfy experience. Comfort can be easily combined with aesthetics if you’re ready to experiment with these footwear styles. Thanks to the huge range of shoes provided by Killah, everyone will have the chance to pick a favorite design. Peep-toe wedges with a graphic silhouette will tame the cravings of all experimental fashionistas for alternative and ingenious accessories.

Furthermore, you’ll have stylish wedges with ankle straps that give an uber-feminine vibe to your overall apparel. The stylish prints that decorate the hottest Killah shoes are among the key patterns worth embedding into your closet. Flip through the newest trends to see how on trend these wedges, high heels and flats really are.

Image courtesy of Killah