The legacy of the John Galliano label is carried on with elegance and sophistication and the resort 2013 shoe collection is a definite proof in this regard. With an edgy touch in mind, the label opts for refined options that are sure to turn heads every single time. From the classy and timeless to the unexpected and covetable, the label covers it all with the same dedication and passion for impressing. Once again, the spirit of the fashion house is well translated in a series of uber covetable options.

Rather than turning to excessive style elements to really make the designs pop, the label opts for carefully selected color pops and fabric contrasts to deliver that fun yet still refined allure. Cork and suede, matte and patent leather or a combination of these are the label’s choices for maximum style impact. Neutral tones and pastels are highly valued although there are also a few bold touches which completely change the tone of the designs.

A strong focus on geometry is noticed in every single design. Though the brand doesn’t experiment with geometric prints, which received a lot of attention on the runways, the allure is modern and versatile enough to spark interest among fashionistas of various age groups. The overall vibe of the shoes is that they’re interesting enough to steal the spotlight but still functional enough to be adaptable to a variety of outfits that don’t necessarily scream faddish.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the most covetable shoes are the ones with a significantly high heel. The thin heel can be a spectacularly sexy option, but if you’re craving a bit more support, a chunky wooden heel can be a much better alternative without really skimping on style. Go classy yet bold with these spectacular alternatives for the not so distant future.

Photo courtesy of John Galliano