Joanne Stoker is a name that gains more and more resonance in the fashion industry and it’s quite easy to understand why if we take a simple glance at the complex creative themes the designer chooses. Case in point: the spring/summer 2012 campaign which uses references to Indian culture and defining symbols in order to dazzle and bring uniqueness to the fashion scene. Still, creating fabulous shoe designs is not enough in order to impress.

Transporting fashionistas into a world of color, imagination and eclecticism, the designer puts almost as much attention into developing the campaign as in the shoe designs themselves. Unexpected perspectives challenge our sense of anticipation and prepares us to see the world in a different way for a few seconds at least. With flirty feminine vibes and a modern approach which highlights many of the defining touches of the culture emphasized, the spring/summer 2012 campaign immediately captures our attention.

A strong focus on geometry, a striking yet subtle mix of textures which highlight both the theme of the collection and some of the most easily recognizable style elements of the new season and a well defined color palette become the main ingredients of the fab new season collection. Most designs have Art Deco influences and the marble pattern is a particularly strong recurring motif that presents itself in different forms. Glass, woven leather or cracked leather effects transform most pieces into unique style statements.

Though the architectural style of the shoes might provide that sense of uniqueness that everybody craves, the view as to what the hottest shoe styles of the season are is surprisingly uniform in relation to the majority of designers and retailers: platform sandals and wedges which provide both height and support for your feet and make a strong style statement are the must haves of the warm months, so refresh your shoe collection with some of the edgy styles from the latest collection of the emerging British designer and get ready to steal the spotlight wherever you go.

Photo courtesy of Joanne Stroker