Some might consider UGGs as unaesthetic and depriving the feet from its feminine shape. However it seems that fans from all over the world have the power to fuel the strong reputation of this footwear fighting its way through the multitude of stylish shoes of the season. UGG Australia is indeed the most widely known brand that produces these memorable and super-comfy designs which would offer a pampering experience to your feet and would also enhance your appearance with a chic and modern flair.

However this time we have the chance to witness a blissful collaboration between the aces of shoe designing. Namely Jimmy Choo decided to team up with UGG Australia and envision the Jimmy Choo Ugg Boots winter 2010/2011 collection. Both the complete collection as well as the fabulous ad starring Amber Valetta mesmerized the style-conscious public craving to own at least one pieces of the heavenly selection of boots.

The Managing Director as well as Founder of Jimmy Choo claimed that: “Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG Australia is the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe. We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands- the legendary comfort of UGG with the spirit of Jimmy Choo.”“We are thrilled to be able to offer the Jimmy Choo and UGG customers a unique collection of ugg classic short boots that we believe our customers will covet. The boots are a seamless combination of luxury comfort that the UGG customer has grown to love meeting the high fashion and bold look that Jimmy Choo has perfected.”

MandahKaiaKaia Kaia


This UGG boot preserves the trademark shape and design of the classy footwear still appeals to the use of glittery glam accessories to make the shoes even more unique and high class. The smooth and silky texture is embellished with silver and gold studs. These following a spectacular and hypnotizing pattern with an ethnic tint would make the boots show-stopping and definitely one of the leading designs of the whole collection.


Besides the traditional shape we have the chance to enjoy the pleasure of sporting an UGG boot in some of the most popular animal prints of the season. You’ll find the Kaia UGG boot both cream leopard as well as zebra prints in a lighter and darker shade. Those who are familiarized with the shoe design patterns used by Jimmy Choo will definitely recognize some of the refined and authentic techniques in the creation of these apparently simple and functional boots.



Looking for a more feminine and sparkling design?The sure the Starlit will adapt to your preferences as you’ll have the chance to wear the stylish UGGs both in black as well as a sandy shade. The additional fringes as well as the tiny silver stars spread all over the boots would create a show-stopping impression. Wear it for casual events and be prepared for the admiring glimpses. Pick the shade that suits your clothing style as well as basic wardrobe pieces you would combine these cute footwear with.


Find out which Sora boot stands closer to your heart when it comes of both shade and designs. The tassel details as well as the starry details all contribute to the classy allure of these boots. Old school UGGs as these an be easily embedded both in a winter sporty as well as casual chic outfit. Choose one pair of the brown, sand and black shades to make a real statement with your footwear this winter.



One of the most revolutionary designs of this collection is the boots called Siobhan which is in fact a cashmere covered footwear with additional antique looking studs which is both warm and stylish if you wish to consider both the functional as well as aesthetic principle. You’ll find this UGG in charcoal which is perfect and easy to handle after the rainy days. Complete your winter outfit with this shoe must have design created by the one and only Jimmy Choo.

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