The Jimmy Choo shoes can most definitely fulfill a woman’s dreams as what woman doesn’t love a good and stylish pair of shoes, especially designer shoes. The Jimmy Choo shoes for spring 2011 manage to emphasize the beauty and importance of shoes as they are truly an accessory which play a major role when it comes to fashion and style.

Jimmy Choo has managed to conquer the heart of “The Sex and The City” star Sarah Jessica Parker on and off the sets as well as of thousands of other women and we are not surprised why.

The perfect shoes are the shoes which are not only high quality and feature a lovely design but the shoes which also offer a great amount of comfort and a fabulous body posture. It seems that Jimmy Choo has build his reputation by taking all these characteristics into account so it’s no surprise why his shoe designs can be found in the shoe collection of women around the world.

The Jimmy Choo shoes for spring 2011 vary widely in style due to variety of fashion styles which were featured on the spring/summer 2011 fashion shows. These shoes are meant to suit different women who love to adopt different fashion styles so find the perfect style for you.

One of the dominant styles which seems to stand out is the use of multiple straps which can vary in width from narrow to a couple of inches wide. This allows the shoe to attract a generous amount of attention while still revealing the right amount of skin. The straps also offer the foot a great amount of support so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

Peep to boots and platforms seem to be also highly popular this spring/summer 2011 season as they manage to attract a generous amount of attention towards the legs. A high heel or a high platform shoe helps create a slimming effect which women with well defined legs can most definitely benefit from. The designs featuring these characteristics have a very elegant yet casual style so they can be worn with different fashion items and still look amazing.

Since vintage styles keep maintaining a top spot in the fashion world, the need of vintage style shoes is obvious. Jimmy Choo managed to capture exactly the essence of the 70s fashion style and incorporated into some cool platforms with chunky heels and wedges. These shoes look fabulous and are highly comfortable, attributes which will most definitely make these shoes become a must have for women who love vintage style fashion.

Photos by Davide Maestri via