Trade up your winter look with a few accessories that speak for your fashion-awareness. Get on point with the newest footwear collections that allow you to inject a refined flair into your outfits. The Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 shoes should feature in the too-cool-to-miss inspiration list.

Mesmerized by the ’70s French film noir, the beloved fashion house managed to envision a complete parade of footwear models decorated with sequins, animal print along with other sophisticated details. Catherine Deneuve serves as the muse for the cold season pump and boot repertoire. The “exotic skins, lustrous furs and rich hues of black, dove grey, winter white, blonde, whiskey and vivid shades of midnight, emerald and purple” emanate old time glamor and confidence.

Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes

If you’re a real fashionista conscious of accessories that flatter your silhouette, skim through the footwear parade presented in our review. Play up your strong and self-assured diva look by sporting these show-stopping wardrobe staples. The suit-all quality of the classy designs guarantees the popularity of the collection. The Malaysian fashion designer is ready to tame the cravings of the fashion pack for statement accessories.

The designer juggles with the visual impact sequins, crystals and gemstones can create. Shoe-loving fashionistas should load their wardrobe with personality and refinement. The artsy ankle boots, pumps and sandals popularizing the ultra-feminine effect of fabrics as lace, suede, velvet and leather will attract immediate attention. Turn heads with your high street party look and crown your apparel with the most impressive Jimmy Choo shoes a collection synonymous with luxury.

Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Shoes Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Booties

Image courtesy of Jimmy Choo