Jill Stuart is definitely not a pioneer for futuristic designs. Instead, her aspiration is to take us into a wonderful style universe which encourages women to embrace their sensual and vulnerable side. There’s no need for bold twists and surprising chromatic options to grant the audience with a cathartic style experience. According to the designer, it is enough to furnish style fans with a sight-pampering and heart-warming scenario.

As Jill Stuart characterized the latest spring outfit parade, it was meant to be “a dream, a fantasy, a fairy tale”. Accessories followed the same design patterns and target the mainstream ‘it’ girls who are not afraid of flashing their love affair with neat and immaculately sculpted platform sandals and high-heels. The Jill Stuart spring 2012 shoes are extremely wearable yet ultra-feminine and appropriate for every event. Creating luxurious and at the same time suit-all footwear designs is one of the main objectives of this fashion house.

 Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes  Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes  Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes

These individually sculpted and outstanding shoe designs can be easily embedded into a high-street new season wardrobe. Chalky hues and neutrals were considered the basic shades the complete collection is based around. Light pink, pastel yellow and soft green should definitely feature in your A-list chromatic scale when selecting the hottest outfit elements. Due to the platform sole and chunky heels, these chic sandals will give a comfy and pleasant feel to your feet. Team up your favorite Jill Stuart shoes with maxi dresses, skinny jeans or head-turning shorts. The strappy design will add length and definition to your legs.

The universally-flattering quality of these footwear styles is given by the fact that shoe fans can incorporate these accessories into both ultra-modern minimalist ensembles as well as into vintage chic outfits. Showcase your refined taste for immaculate silhouettes and build up a trendsetter accessory collection with the help of similar luxe designer shoes.

 Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes  Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes  Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes Jill Stuart Spring 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Jill Stuart