We cannot abstain ourselves from sharing the latest lookbook signed Jeffrey Campbell as the rapidly growing brand has gone even more radical with its approach to demonstrate the alluring power of vintage shoe designs. The brand’s Wander Away fall 2012 lookbook puts on display the new to die for shoes proving that a single pair of unique, edgy and well detailed shoes can instantly transform the look of an outfit taking it from simple to fabulous in an instant.

A quick glimpse at Jeffrey Campbell’s Wander Away fall 2012 shoe collection is all it takes to wake up an urge to step up to the latest trends and upgrade your shoe collection to the new season trends. Although they are unique and far different from what we’re used to seeing on the fashion podiums, the new shoes signed Jeffrey Campbell ‘tell a story’ of a trendsetter, making them a perfect match for the honeys that love to rock out a unique style that will surely get them all the attention they deserve.

The edgy looking shoes that we’ve been accustomed to when it comes to the brand’s designs have been styled-up to perfection by stylists Muriel Del Cid and Lissette Ramirez who underlined the gorgeous styles of the pretty accessories by pairing them with fabulous garments signed GG Collective and Painterly, garments that matched perfectly with what Jeffrey Campbell envisioned when he designed the shoes.

Flaunted in front of the camera by models Honor Hamilton and Katie Dallas, the oh-so-fierce shoes capture the attention, making them the starts of the show, so you can look and feel like a diva regardless of the event. Vintage fashion and accessories have made a noticeable comeback these past few years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re still holding up a top spot in the contemporary fashion trends.

The look Jeffrey Campbell sought out with his designs is fierce and boy-oh-boy we do love each and every piece. Styled to perfection, the shoes range from masculine, uber-comfy (the Lawford) to classic glam-rock boots (the Mix-Stud, Everly, Zhora), 70s diva (the Freda, Woresley-TSL, Pointe-MC), country hottie (the Renegade, Serpent) and contemporary honey with the Monocage, Maris and Wassup, so browse through the high and low heel shoes and pick the shoes that suit your style. The designs are keeping up with the autumnal color trends by toning down colors, so browse through the black, black-gold, dark green, charcoal, white and red as they are all uber-popular hues to sport this year!

Photos courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell