Simplifying our outfits while still managing to create interest and stay on top of the latest trends can prove quite a difficult challenge at times, however J.Crew manages to tackle the challenge in each catalog. The Ballet Boutique is filled with versatile outfits which highlight a concern for classy pieces with a modern vibe. Comfort is not left aside in favor of a more modern vibe or extra sophistication yet the looks are surprisingly refined.

Vibrant toned sweaters, the beloved denim pieces prove some of the most versatile items around along with ultra comfy ballet flats in a variety of styles and hues which are beautifully combined for a trendy look that exudes a good knowledge of the latest trends yet that doesn’t put up with compromises as far as functionality is concerned. All white outfits or fabulous polka dotted pieces bring a touch of diversity to the looks and even a subtle retro vibe which only magnifies the overall appeal of the lookbook.

But, as much as we might enjoy the denim on denim outfits or the classy shorts that put a completely different spin on what might first appear to be a conservative look, the real stars of the lookbook, as the name implies are the ballet flats. The uber comfy staple is a fabulous choice for those looking for both style and comfort as they easily provide both and, when bought in a contrasting color, they can even prove the easiest way to spice up an outfit.

The Cece ballet flats included in the collection strive to simultaneously provide a much needed variation, comfort and quality. Italian hand finishes and high quality fabrics like suede and leather are simple yet powerful details being some of the main characteristics that make the grand variety of ballet flat styles presented so covetable. Aside from the fab designs, the interior wedge and the shock absorbing rubber sole along with the elastic topline are the elements which make walking in these flats such a pleasant experience.

Photo courtesy of J.Crew