The release of the fabulous accessory parade below celebrates the first anniversary of the complete shoe and bag line envisioned by Jason Wu. Despite numerous commercial collaborations with Target and other brands, this prophetic style guru managed to inject haute couture and modern art into his fashion show. The Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 shoe designs in orange, neutral shades and green popularize the ‘it’ trend of color-blocking.

These original footwear models can be incorporated into a business woman wardrobe as well as into a glamorous party wear due to their universally-flattering flair. Jason Wu revealed the inspiration behind the complete pre-fall collection, “Dressing up is the thing now […]People no longer dress for an occasion because every day is an occasion; there’s no hard line between day and evening.” The influence of Maharaj can be spotted in the chromatic palette used to breathe a cosmopolitan vibe into these strappy and cut-out style shoes. Platform sandals and lace-up booties illustrate the love affair of Jason Wu with mainstream accessory design patterns targeting the style cravings of mainstream fashionistas.

 Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes

Spend time with polishing your autumn wardrobe. Add length and definition to your silhouette by wearing footwear styles which adopt the shape of your feet and grant you with a comfy fashion experience. Jason Wu devotes special attention to both functionality and aesthetics. The latest collection of high-heels suggests the importance of choosing shades and shapes which radiate high-street vogue and sophistication.

Boost your confidence by complementing your accessory parade with these lattice-strapped shoes and bi-colored platform sandals. Showcase your adventurous style sense by pulling off the oh-so-popular sandal and socks trend. Create a brilliant visual impact by fusing various pop shades into your apparel. Jason Wu proved his ambition to help rising ‘it’ girls make a glamorous style manifesto. However, we must not forget that he’s more of a visionary designer than a simple collaborator with high-class clothing retailers like Target.

 Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes  Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Jason Wu