Returning to basics and subtlety can be extremely interesting when done creatively and the IVLISA spring/summer 2012 shoe collection suggestively titled 'Jardine Surrealiste' collection is definitely a fabulous example of how going for subtlety can prove the best alternative for a refined look.

From eye-catching to subtle and feminine, we got to see a multitude of approaches when it comes to design so far this season. Though the variations of the trend are numerous, the perspective remains the same and feminine vibes dominate. Called 'Jardine Surrealiste', the newest IVLISA shoe collection stays true to the deeply set style directions of the season bringing refinement and elegance to the scene. Aiming to adapt to the ever changing luxury market, the brand offers handmade, semi-bespoke shoes from high quality natural materials.

Designer Elena Savchenko embraces delicate, uber flattering tones and a clear focus when it comes to defining shapes in a small yet totally splurge-worthy set of designs aimed to help us add sophistication to our daily outfits without necessarily drawing all the attention on them. Classy vibes and an emphasis on comfort are reflected by the thick heels which offer extra stability when walking, the same being true for the wedges which aside from being ultra popular also serve as the perfect alternative for sculpting the silhouette while being much more comfortable compared to killer high-heels.

Though not exactly uber conspicuous, the details really manage to spice up the classy designs and steal the spotlight virtually eliminating the need for textural details. Bright red along with curvy lines provide a fabulous abstract allure and break the style monotony. With taupe and salmon pink as the main color option, taking a break from ultra flashy tones seems a great way to make a quick statement without necessarily standing out more than you want to.