Created in 1999, Irregular Choice has been called, over time, “The Viagra of the shoe industry”, as, season by season, it managed to always bring up something new and fresh on the market. It even has its own fan club!

Nowadays, the brand gained so much popularity, that it opened several stores in major cities of fashion, like London and New York. In these stores, unique wallpapers, a sort of land of a Gothic Lolita awaits for its clientele to discover all the boots, the platforms, and the pump available.

Irregular Choice’s spring 2010 collection follows the simple rule of having fun while designing shoes.

Dan Sullivan, founder and art director, has managed once again to create an extravagant and very incisive shoe collection. It’s one of those shoe lines which make you fall in love over and over again with shoes.

Funny and quirky, the collection is suitable both for teenagers and women with plenty of attitude. Their magic colors, their playful heels, the perfect detailing, like flowers applied over a shoe, or baroque textures, these are all specific ingredients which scream Irregular Choice.

Celebrities have been spotted wearing these creations (Gwen Stefani, or Mischa Barton) for one good reason: these shoes look amazing! So, if you’re about to change something about your wardrobe, change your shoes, try a Irregular Choice design and you’ll never get tired of admiring how versatile these shoes are!