Wellington or rain boots are top rain gear elements. No wonder Marc Jacobs, the fashion guru declared them must have accessories during the winter season. Indeed, this footwear might be associated with casual and rather festival fashion, still it seems that not only fashion forward people were mesmerized by the youthful and funky look, but also A-list celebrities.

Long gone are the days when you could purchase rain boots only in black or neutral colors. Choose the best print from plaid, stripes as well as Emo or other signature patterns in the color and combination you dreamed of.

Due to their integration in the mainstream trends, designers realized that there’s nothing more challenging than creating wearable and at the same time stylish rain boots. There’s nothing more fascinating than to find the best clothing pieces that complement the groovy look of these autumn boots. However, to pull off the style with immediate success follow the basic principles on how to wear rain boots.


When it comes to pairing pants with the wellington boots it is advisable to go for skinny jeans. These will be easily wrapped into the footwear without looking too chunky. The best way to avoid the discomfort the too much material tucked into the shoes might cause is to put aside the flair-legged pants and even the straight-legged ones too.

If you don’t feel confident in extremely tight pieces, choose pants of a fabric that allows you to move without any restraints. The color of the jeans or the trousers is optional, go for neutral ones if you want to look classy, and to vivid ones if you want to immediately captivate the attention of others.

Dresses and Skirts

Breezy or a bit warmer autumn dresses look fabulous in the same composition with rain boots. These will dress down the look of any apparently formal skirt or dress and will add a groovy and stylish flair to your whole outfit. The trick is to choose the color of these in order to match the shade of the footwear. However, if you are a fan of contrasting colors and tones, you might disregard this advice.

Besides the different skirts and voguish dresses you can also boost your rainy days look by sporting the latest trends of tights. Opaque leads the top of most popular tights, since it perfectly complements your look, masks the eventual disproportions and perfectly dresses down a rainbow colored outfit.

Rainy Accessories

Indeed, the best way to sport the chicest autumn look is to complete your rain boots with a fabulous rain coat and a stylish umbrella. These two accessories guarantee the smashing effect even if the weather is gloomy. Choose from the endless selection of colors, patterns and styles till you find the one that best represents your personality and style.

Images via Style.com