An easy alternative to dangerously high heels that still emphasizes femininity and comfort and that with the right outfit can give a touch of refinement in any occasion, ballet flats have been a popular choice ever since they first appeared back in the 16 century. With the diversity of styles nowadays the options for creating a stunning look are virtually endless.

Depending on the design of the ballet flats as well as the personality of the woman who chooses to wear them, ballet flats can be adapted to create a multitude of outfits to create styles that will never fail to impress.

However, despite all the advantages that this fashion staple can provide, some concerns seem to stop many women from wearing them. One of the main concerns when it comes to wearing ballet flats is that choosing ballet flats as opposed to high heels will inevitably make the legs look shorter which can turn out to be a problem especially for petite women.

In most cases this problems can be easily solved by choosing the right outfit style that is both flattering for one’s body type and provides the much desired comfort and elegance most women strive for.

The first rule to ensure the success of any outfit is to learn to avoid the mistakes that can unintentionally ruin the final result. When it comes to ballet flats this essentially means that we should rule out any wrong combinations that can be made. Generally these combinations refer to any choices that might make the legs appear shorter as well as avoiding certain clothes that are not flattering for you due to the fact that they aren’t able to hide flaws that you would like to conceal.

While the choices based on these two criteria might offer different options for every woman there are two choices that are universally unflattering and that shouldn’t be combined with ballet flats. Pleated pants as well as pants that are too long are two choices that should be avoided.

On the other hand certain combinations are like a match made in heaven. An example would be the combination between jeans and ballet flats. Whether you opt for skinny jeans or for fashionable boyfriend jeans the success is entirely up but one thing’s for sure: you can look smokin’ hot with either choice. Since skinny jeans look so fabulous when paired with ballet flats it’s easy to expand the myriad of possibilities for wearing ballet flats by adding leggings to the list. Pair leggings with ballet flats for the ultimate expression sexiness and style.

If you want a more romantic but still casual look then a dress would be a perfect choice to meet your demands. A perfect choice for the summer when the heat can turn out to be almost unbearable, a mid-length summer dress can be rapidly paired with ballet flats for a sweet polished look.

Striving to make your legs look longer but wanting to be comfortable at the same time? Than a short skirt paired with ballet flats will turn out to be a winning combination that will definitely enhance your sex-appeal to a sky rocketing level. A-line style skirts as well as pencil skirts are good choices.

If you are required to follow a rather strict dress code than you should probably opt for ballet flats that have a neutral color and an elegant style with a rather minimalistic design. Choosing a semi formal suit is probably a good choice as well as long as you pay attention to the style of the pants. Cropped pants or capri pants will be a safe choice to meet the requirements.