Fashion pros have the remedy for those who struggle with this problem. Quit complaining and switch to the smart way of emphasizing the beauty of your feet.

Finding footwear that matches your size might seem a problem. However the shoe industry still offers a wide range of flattering pieces for you. It is highly recommended to look at your entire image rather than concentrating on your feet.

Learn the basics of accessorizing to perfect your styling skills. Don’t ever experiment with wearing smaller and narrower shoes. You’ll only generate further damages and serious pain to yourself. Read these useful guidelines on how to make big feet look smaller.

Dark Colored Shoes

Fashion-conscious people know that dark colors have the ability to steal some pounds from our silhouette. Indeed, this principle is valid also when it comes of choosing our most important accessory the footwear. Those who find their shoe size a bit embarrassing will consider wearing dark colored shoes a real relief.

However, there’s no need to stick to black you can also think on a larger color palette. Try out all the grays and other darker shades of purple, blue, green and even red. The only condition to look great is to avoid the pastel and lighter colored shoes.

High Heel Pumps

High Heels and Flats

The style gurus advise you to wear high heels, since these will perfectly break the image of a big foot. The heels will steal some extra-inches from the length.

Some might find stiletto heels pretty uncomfortable, there’s no need to panic, they can easily switch to wedges or more chunky heels. These will allow you to walk like a model, sharing the weight and creating the proper balance.

Celebrities who were labeled as ‘big foot’ already applied this trick especially during their appearance on the red carpet.

Those who would still prefer flats over pumps might then concentrate on the tips of the shoes, rather than the height.

Pointy Toes and Round Toes

Pointy toes are no-no pieces when it comes of larger feet. The reason for this is that a similar shoe would further add length to the feet. That’s why it is advisable to keep away of purchasing shoes with pointy toes. Moreover these can also narrow them, which will, again, create the illusion of a longer foot.

High Heel Shoes

On the other hand round toes were apparently designed for people with a bigger foot size. These have the ability to widen the feet, this way shifting the attention from length to width. One of the additional advantages is that it will offer enough space for your fingers, making the walking more comfortable and easy. Both for style and personal comfort opt for round toes when you decide to purchase a brand new footwear.

Closed or Open Footwear

The more skin you expose the larger the foot appears. This is one of the golden rules of styling. A strappy sandal can lengthen and at the same time widen the foot. However if you manage to limit the exposure to a little skin, you might find huge pleasure in wearing open shoes that flatter your look.

The hole should be also closer to the toes rather than the ankles. The latter would only spoil your image, drawing the attention to your foot size. Peep-toes and sling-backs seem the perfect choice when it comes of opting for open and peek-a-boo footwear.