Our shopping choices are often greatly influenced by the latest fashion trends as well as creative designs that allow us to make a powerful fashion statement in detriment of other factors such as comfort or durability. While it can be extremely easy to understand the basics of this behavior and to let see no reason to change, it’s important to recognize that the most flattering choices come only when we have a fairly solid knowledge of what works best for our features and what we should avoid to be able to highlight our features properly.

Whether you have short legs, thick calves or wide feet, there are various choices that can flatter you as well as others that are less suitable for you. Aside from choosing the correct size which is a common sense requirement it is also crucial to understand the best type of shoe designs that work best for your body and help you create the desired look. Here are a few things you might want want to keep in mind, depending on your features:

Wide feet Women with this type of feature often complain about the fact that it can be quite challenging to find a suitable pair of boots that will help them minimize the problem. To find a suitable pair of women should direct their attention to feminine shoe designs with round toes. Pointy shoes with details such as buckles or straps or chunky heels are considered to be less flattering options due to the fact that they accentuate the impression of wideness even more. Opting for heeled boots is generally a much better idea than going for flat boots as the slimming effect will be a lot more noticeable. Dark colors will have a similar effect while also increasing the versatility of the boots.

Short legs Since long, lean legs are considered one of the most sex appeal charged physical features, many women look for ways to create this type of impression. Paying attention to details is one of the best strategies when trying to create the impression of length. Monochrome boots with vertical cords or zippers can be a good choice. If wideness is not a problem you can also choose pointy toe boots as they will create the impression of length without appearing to be out of proportion.

Also when it comes to heels it’s best not to go for stilettos if you are petite as they tend to create an inadequate proportion. Over the knee boots which are exceptionally fashionable this season are also quite tricky for short legs and should be avoided. Straps are typically not a good choice as they create an horizontal line and it’s best to avoid them as well.

Thick calves Wide calves can be a real problem especially for women who love tall boots. Balancing proportions can be a real challenge but there are several strategies that can help. First of all if you are going for heeled boots it’s important to opt for thicker heels as they offer a much better support and help create a proper balance. Very fitted boots styles on the other hand can be a continuous source of frustration as they tend to show off this feature the most.

Knee length boots tend to be a fabulous choice for women who want to wear skirts even in the cold season as long as it is chosen wisely. Details such as an angled cuff can also be flattering in certain cases. Lace up boots are also a stylish alternative if you are going for a more casual look.

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