After finding the perfect high heels, you sometimes discover that they’re wreaking havoc on your feet. Don’t suffer for fashion when you have plenty of options to also feel comfortable while looking your best in sexy heels.

From the right way to walk to products that help you avoid a wide range of foot issues, here’s how to feel comfortable in high heels, while also looking amazing. Try these great tips to avoid foot pain and other problems while you’re rocking gorgeous heels.

Walk the Right Way

A big part of feeling comfortable when you’re in high heels is knowing how to walk correctly in them. Keeping a straight posture is very important, but so is taking smaller steps than you would in more comfortable shoes. Both these tips can help you reduce pressure on your spine, knees and feet, so practice in front of the mirror and you’ll get a sexy strut while also reducing the risk of discomfort.

Walking In High Heels

Choose Your Heels Wisely

When you’re wondering how to feel comfortable in high heels, it’s very important to acknowledge that pointy toes are the worst for your feet. Round-toed shoes, or heels with open toes are generally more comfortable. If you’re attending an event where you’ll have to stand a lot, avoid pointy toed heels, particularly if you have wide feet.

Alternate Heels with Flats

Even with the best heel wearing tips, you’ll still have problems if you stick to heels for too many days in a row. Aim for at least one day of rest for your feet after two days of wearing heels. Get the most out of the leg lengthening effect of heels when you’re wearing skirts or dresses and choose an outfit with pants for days when you’ll stick to kitten heels, comfortable platforms or flats.

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Get Comfy with Gel Insoles

Some soles are more comfortable than others, with leather and rubber being more forgiving when it comes to your feet. No matter what the soles of your heels are made of, gel insoles are one of the best answers to the question of how to feel comfortable in high heels. Opt for full insoles with arch support in order to minimize any discomfort in heels.

Avoid Tight Shoes

Buying heels is always better in the afternoon or evening, when your feet are naturally swollen. However, you should also consider getting heels that are half a size bigger and stretching the ones your already own. Even if you have plenty of space for your toes, width is also an issue when it comes to comfort and avoiding serious issues for your feet.

Use a Little Medical Tape

Supermodels and other women who have to wear heels a lot have a neat trick that can help you feel comfortable in high heels. Before slipping into your heels, tape your 3rd and 4th toes together. This can make a huge difference in the way you walk and feel in heels. Try it and you’ll definitely notice less discomfort.

Walking In Platform Pumps

Opt for Platforms

A little platform support can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable and experience less foot pain when you have to stand for a long time. If you don’t want platforms and opt for heels with thin soles, then gel insoles are a must in order to prevent keeping your feet in a very tense position for too long.

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Try Strappy Heels

Heels with straps can allow you to focus on your walk without fearing that they’ll slip off your feet. In order to feel comfortable in high heels, choose ones that are secured to your feet with straps, preferably adjustable ones. Slingbacks are sexy, but they have the biggest impact on the way you walk.

Choose the Right Products

Preventing friction and blisters is also very important, and there are plenty of products that do the trick, from rub relief sticks to moleskin. Anti-slip heel inserts can also make you feel more comfortable when you’re not wearing heels with straps or any other elements that secure them.

Pain Relief Foot Soak

Soak Your Feet in Cold Water

Once you’ve got the basics of how to feel comfortable in high heels, you should also know that a hot foot bath after getting out of your heels doesn’t really do anything for your feet. Instead, opt for a cold soak, particularly if your feet are swollen and they hurt.