The word’s most beloved fictional character, Hello Kitty seems to be the recipe for success in the area of fashion and beauty as many companies are constantly reinventing their products by taking advantage of the immense popularity of the beloved symbol to boost their sales figures every single time. After the success of the Hello Kitty x Vans shoe collection, another company has engaged in a similar project with a slightly different perspective.

For the ultimate fashion indulgence, the Twenty10 brand has prepared several shoe styles that can be worn on a variety of occasions. Those who like femininity might be delighted to discover the feminine cute options such as high heel peep toe shoes or attention grabbing platforms which can liven up any outfit, giving it a fun and original touch.

Those who love comfort, on the other hand, might find flip flops, sneakers, rain boots or ballet flats a more appealing option. These styles range from cute, girly and practical to edgy and interesting, especially if we turn our attention towards the animal printed shoes with golden touches. Granted, these styles might not be for everyone, yet we have to admit the selection is extremely thought provoking at the very least.

The great diversity of styles available ensures you’ll be able to show off these fabulously customized shoes for more than one season, depending on what you choose. These cute shoes can be a powerful mood brightener, so give your casual outfits an edgy, fun twist any time you feel like it.

If any of the styles below have caught you’re attention, you are probably wondering when you will be able to get your hands on these adorable shoes. Well, US stores will begin to sell these babies in October, but until then you can get the latest updates about the collection on the Twenty 10 official website or on the company’s Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Twenty10