We’ve seen many trendy shoes so far, but few lines reflected the new season trends as beautifully as the new Heavy Machine shoe collection for spring/summer 2013. The entire line seems an ode to the well defined proportions and clean lines which defined the new season offerings. The best part is that the new options reflect the label’s core design principles and aren’t just an attempt to create fads. The label is taking its inspiration from Cubism to deliver amazing shoe styles which will exude edginess and can instantly become a strong focal point.

The Heavy Machine 2013 shoes are bright, bold and totally eye-catching. The label is a big supporter of the color blocking trend and brings plenty of interesting options which prove that becoming the center of attention with the right accessories.

Though there are plenty of gorgeous options in many bright tones, none of the designs ever feel overdone. There’s something incredibly refined about architectural touches. Though those who love futuristic vibes are the primary target of brand, anyone who feels drawn towards modern options will appreciate the new line.

Yokos Prom Shoe Heavy Machine DesignSuper Sinbad Shoe Heavy Machine Design

Heavy Machine heels are made out of high quality calf leather and are made in Italy. Height is one of the most important attributes of the new shoes since it can highlight proportions. Still, for added comfort, the label opted mostly platforms. The “ shoes that you can run away with” mantra illustrates the inclination towards style and comfort as opposed to simple design concepts which are fit for runways and impractical in real life.

Whether you’re drawn towards simple yet high impact designs or prefer seeing complex alternatives, the Heavy Machine 2013 shoes can prove a fab addition to your wardrobe this season. Opt for gorgeous accessories to bring your new season looks to a whole new level and dare to make a statement by opting for boldness and edginess.

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Choco Warrior Shoe Heavy Machine DesignPaul Shoe Heavy Machine Design

Parachute Fish Shoe Heavy Machine DesignBlade Runner Shoe Heavy Machine Design

Photos: Heavy Machine Design