In 2010, gladiator sandals continue to maintain their prominent position in the world of fashion, second time in a row. No wonder these shoes are highly popular, since they are extremely comfortable and trendy footwear items, which work really well with chic, casual outfits and some refined clothes as well.

One of the major assets of these chic gladiator sandals is that they pamper your feet, ensuring a relaxing position for the ankles. Check out the latest trends and spice up your wardrobe with a stylish new acquisition.

These versatile footwear items come in dozens of different colors and styles so that you can easily find your favorite for the hot summer days. Sandals that were extremely hot last summer have continued to be the staple pieces of 2010 as well. However, latest trends have come up with whole new concepts and gladiator sandals have returned to the fashion scene with exciting, edgy details and styles.

Choose from flat gladiator sandals, gladiator stilettos, ankle length gladiator shoes, fringe gladiators or strappy gladiator style sandals and get ready to make a statement with a chic, urban casual look.

Gladiator sandals are perfect choices for hot summer days as they are generally made of soft leather. Due to their delicate straps, they are light and airy, letting your feet to breath. The latest glamorous gladiator sandals can be combined with lots of stylish outfits in millions of ways.

Pair them with breezy summer dresses to create a chic, feminine air, or match them with skinny jeans and a trendy tank or tee for a great casual look. If you want to add some originality and attitude, combine a fabulous pair of gladiator sandals with a high-waisted skirt and a top tucked in.

Latest designer collections show a classic interpretation of gladiator style shoes. Funky straps add a nice line to your legs and provide your outfit with refinement and style. Versatile neutrals and bright colors can all complement any outfit from classier styles to chic, trendy pieces. Refined structures, knotted or rhinestone details and bolder, metallic colors add funky vibes and a plus of individuality to any simple outfit.

Catch up with the latest trends and purchase a pair of sassy knee-high gladiator sandals, which are amongst the hottest trends in 2010. Classic, flat, nude styles are perfect choices for your wardrobe since you can mix and match them with and infinite number of outfits to create your individual style. If you like extravagant shoes, go for some statement pieces that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Shop for gladiator sandals that are comfortable and flatter your figure and get ready for the hot summer days in a cool, trendy outfit.