Giuseppe Zanotti managed to create a fabulous shoe collection for the spring/summer 2011 season as he is definitely an uber-talented shoe designer. Giuseppe Zanotti started his career in the early 90’s and soon after he began creating shoes for important fashion houses. His talent, dedication and interest for shoes helped Giuseppe create the powerful name he has in the shoe fashion industry. Giuseppe Zanotti spring/summer 2011 shoe designs are truly wonderful as they seem to maintain a perfect balance between vintage and modern styles.

Shoes are more than an accessory, they are an essential fashion item which helps people feel comfortable while maintaining a stylish appearance. There are a variety of shoe styles available to choose from so they can suit different fashion styles as well as occasions. From formal to casual, shoes play an essential role when it comes to physical appearance so try to pay as much attention to shoes as you can.

It’s been said that you can tell many things about a person’s personality just by looking at their shoes so try to select the shoes which suit your style perfectly!

Giuseppe Zanotti spring summer 2011 shoes Giuseppe Zanotti spring summer 2011 shoes Giuseppe Zanotti spring summer 2011 shoes

The heels designed by Giuseppe Zanotti for the spring/summer season are absolutely fabulous. The shoes have vintage glamor written all over due to the stylish and obvious comfort of the shoe design, the modern details being offered through the fabrics used as well as embellishments.

Women who are looking to attract a generous amount of attention can opt for the crystal embellished sandals as they exude glamor, sexiness and style. You can opt for a silver version which have a more classic style or you can opt for the glam stiletto heel black crystal embellished multi-strap sandal if you need a more modern look.

For women who want to maintain a sophisticated, flawless look which is timeless, you can opt for a pair of lovely black patent leather sandals. These sandals are perfect if you want to go for a more somber look which is definitely far from boring!

Giuseppe Zanotti spring summer 2011 sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti spring summer 2011 flats

Because casual style shoes are a definite must when it comes to your shoe collection Giuseppe Zanotti came up with some incredibly stylish shoes for the new season. The shoes underline well, Zanotti’s style, which is a glam-punk style and attract a generous amount of attention. A pair of crystal embellished featuring laces as well as zippers black high top sneakers can definitely give you the style and comfort you are looking for on any casual occasion.

If however flat sandals are your thing you can opt for a stylish black and gold multi-strap flats which look amazing and which will definitely attract a generous amount of attention. Giuseppe Zanotti’s collection is fabulous so don’t hesitate to add one of his shoes to your stylish spring 2011 shoe collection!

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