Pack your wardrobe with expensive-looking and timeless accessory designs. The dazzling repertoire of Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 shoes will show you how to transform yourself into a sylph-like and ultra-attractive fashionista for the upcoming season.

Bold chromatic compositions and busy prints are not exactly the terms which characterize the trend vision of Giorgio Armani. The fashion maestro instead, limits himself to body-conscious and ultra-sophisticated looks every woman can nail down in the boring weekdays or for a glam party event. Those who succeeded in keeping track of the latest fashion shows, know that this accessory cavalcade stands out from the crowd due to its minimalist and refined vibe.

Toying with light effects and a pearlescent color palette are the secret tools this highly acclaimed style guru used to excel the parade of extremely sunny and colorful fashion tendencies. The Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 shoes help you move forward and ditch your boring outfit elements to replace them with real treasures. Dress up your feet with dainty high heels and strappy sandals to embrace your experimental style spirit.

 Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Shoes  Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Shoes

Glamorous outfits sculpted from iridescent fabrics were armed up with these perfectly polished and minimalist footwear models. Opt for the safest accessorizing trends to pave your way of becoming a real trendsetter who wows style critics with her beautifully built up ensembles. Instead of using embellishments and bright prints, Armani decided to rely on the visual impact super-thin straps can create. The result of the ultra-inspiring creative process is undoubtedly a set of fairy-tale style and candy-colored sandals and high heels.

Shimmery shades paired with leather and suede turn these 'it' accessories into luxurious details you can add to your original apparel ideas. Aqua was the buzzword when it came to color selection whereas sensuality and romance manifested themselves in terms of silk and satin fabric use. If you're in a quest for a quick fix for your wardrobe, let your fashion sense guide you through the selection of the most flattering and high-class Giorgio Armani sandals for 2012.

 Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Shoes  Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Shoes  Giorgio Armani Spring 2012 Shoes

Image courtesy of Giorgio Armani