When it comes to seduction and style, no other shoe designer does it better than Gianmarco Lorenzi. His designs scream high Italian luxury, gorgeous designs, while using the most exquisite fabrics and materials. His shoe collections include pumps, sandals and boots, in incredible models, colors and detailing.

The Italian shoe designer decorates his creations with Swarovski crystals, high and elegant stiletto heels.

One of Gianmarco Lorenzi’s most famous creations are the Swarovski stiletto heels, featuring metal heels, a gorgeous snake detail which grows form the heel, made of Swarovski crystals which beautifully decorates these shoes.

Available for $900, these pumps come in various colors, each with its specific beauty, like in black, blue or purple, and they have one single word to describe them: sexy. Pair these pumps with any outfit and they’ll turn you into one charming, elegant presence.

La piece du resistance of all Lorenzi’s shoe designs are clearly the wrap-around ]sandals available for $1,572. They are glamorous and chic, feminine and seductive. Made of black suede, they are beautifully decorated with a black flower situated on the ankle, which easily turns any foot into a true masterpiece.