With friendly and inviting clothes, as described by a reporter in the Independent, Eley Kishimoto’s accessories and shoe lines follow the same principle of good taste, artistry and craftsmanship. Accessorizing has become one major trend since the beginnings of fashion, and it has spread everywhere: from phones to computers, shoes, bags, jewelry and cars, it all can become the right accessory. But when it comes to fashion and collections, shoes are as important as the line itself, completing and complementing one’s collection.

Eley Kishimoto’s spring/summer 2010 collection has a unitary vision, in a perfect, floral equilibrium easy to notice. If all the beautiful dresses reminded of a floral party everyone was invited too, the shoes definitely had their own influence! Great socks combined with floral prints – this is Eley Kishimoto’s new trend for the upcoming season.

All the sandals and the wedges included in the collection are more than appealing, inviting everyone to enjoy the fresh and breeze spring days, while still being fashionably fashionable.

Eley Kishimoto’s spring 2010 shoes are clearly the next trendsetters.

Fantastic, in neutral or nature-inspired colors, with few but nevertheless essential detailing, all shoes in this collection speak high art and stylish attention. With simple buckles, the shoes complement any outfit in this collection, and, combined with grey socks, they truly look amazing, turning an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Style yourself up with a pair of Kishimoto shoes this spring!