If the spring 2012 shoe collection from Dsquared2 has taken us into a tribal journey with a variety of fun platforms and fun elements, the fall 2012 collection takes us into a whole new style direction worth exploring. While the first collection was directed mostly towards practicality and versatility, this time the focus is to wow everyone and make a powerful style statement. The glam factor channeled into the designs is practically impossible to miss.

The emphasis on dark tones and a more subdued style approach calls for bolder choices accessories-wise in order to make things more interesting and provide a fun balance. The high emphasis on glitz and glam receives a rock chic allure as well as a feminine vibe, making the choices extremely interesting and appealing. Along with a variety of eye-catching designs also comes the confirmation that most of the trends that dominated the summer will also be translated into interesting choices for fall.

As a result, we see a multitude of fun choices which blend colorful textural flowers with the exotic skin textures, fun combos of the wild animal prints that have not lost any of their popularity in the recent seasons combined with rhinestones for a fun and relatively festive effect. Pointy toe pumps are the style of choice for the brand, which can be a good news for fashionistas who are fans of this style and who were worried the trend might have gone into oblivion. With high heels to help sculpt the silhouette and plenty of strong focal points to attract attention, standing out is invariably a concept that seems much more easy to attain. Due to its strong statement value and its distinguishable youthful touch, it’s fairly tempting to predict the collection will prove very interesting for a grand variety of customers.

Photo courtesy of Dsquared2