Donna Karan is definitely one of the most appreciated female fashion designers in the fashion industry due to her talent as well as experience in design. It seems that Donna Karan has always managed to enhance femininity through her designs and the Donna Karan spring/summer 2011 shoe collection is no exception. Shoes play a very important role when it comes to physical appearance and style so they should definitely not be overlooked.

Shoe trends change every season so they can match perfectly the new fashion trends and this spring/summer 2011 season the shoe designs look stunning. There are a variety of shoe designs to choose from but it seems that Donna Karan decide towards shoes which offer a great amount of style, sexiness as well as modernism. The shoes feature interesting designs just so women can enjoy the beauty of a stylish vintage yet modern pair of shoes.

Flats are definitely a must have this spring/summer 2011 season and it seems that their style and comfort helps flat sandals maintain their popularity yet another season. The flats signed Donna Karan New York have a very interesting design. With a touch of Romanesque influence, the flats attract a generous amount of attention the style being emphasized by the characteristics.

For spring summer 2011 flat shoes are a must in every woman’s shoe collection as they can offer you the style and comfort you need when casually dressed, and the flats designed by Donna Karan help underline their importance.

Chunky heeled platform sandals are definitely hot this spring/summer 2011 season and they exude so much style and sexiness, making them a must have of the season. Platform shoes offer women a variety of advantages through the extra length the offer the body however without making them highly uncomfortable. The high heel is balanced by the front platform thus the slant of the shoe will not bring discomfort.

Multiple narrow straps seem to be the detail which is characteristic for all of Donna Karan’s spring/summer 2011 shoe collection and this helps enhance the femininity of the designs.

The platform sandals seem to feature a wooden or raffia design, this aiding the vintage style of the shoe collection. The chunky heel offers a great amount of stability to the shoe which is highly important if you are wearing such high sandals.

The designs of the shoes makes them highly versatile so they can be worn with different outfits. The colors Donna Karan opted for are simple; the main colors used were ivory, brown, gold and beige. The shoes look fabulous so don’t hesitate to make them a part of your fabulous spring 2011 shoe collection!

Photos by Robert Mitra via