Stylish and classy, edgy and futuristic or playful and innocent, each style approach is well represented in the shoe design area with great craftsmanship and originality. We often look at the most renowned fashion designers to be able to gain new creative ideas and the high end labels rarely disappoint us. For the spring 2012 season, the Donna Karan brand stays true to its style status bringing a touch of femininity and modernism to the scene.

Elegance isn’t always synonym with killer heels and the multitude of stylish and reasonably high sandal choices is a clear statement in this direction. With a combination of classy notes skillfully merged with more casual details, funky textures and interesting color tones, the shoes are made to suit a variety of style alternatives without being necessarily created with a highly specific age group in mind. While vibrant toned shoes might add a highly needed focal point to the outfit, more neutral toned styles are great for a multitude of occasions where lower profile accessories suit best.

Exotic skin textures are prevalent in the spring 2012 collection proving once again that animal prints will always have a place in the warm season trends albeit in various degrees. Relying on snake skin texture provides versatile designs that exude luxury and refinement. Focusing on wedge sandals as a highlight for the collection, the brand brings together the best of both worlds, style and functionality, while details like sculpted wood bring the designs to the masterpiece rank.

Less mainstream-focused trends like chunky flatforms and strappy sandals or kitten heels are also having a small moment this season, as the brand offers a few adorable such options to add an eclectic vibe to the designs while staying true to the motifs that define the collection. Let refinement with a modern touch be your accessories standard this season with some of these must have shoe styles that add a colorful punch without being overly flashy or restrictive.

Photo courtesy of Donna Karan