Shoes have a defining role when it comes to creating an interesting yet balanced outfit. Shoe shopping ranks as a top pleasurable among many women who are concerned with displaying a polished image on a daily basis. The Dolce Vita for Target spring 2011 collection is definitely focused on responding to the needs of the modern women who lead an active life and need a suitable option that combines style and functionality.

The wedges presented in the collection are definitely focused around meeting these criteria while at the same time being an affordable option for those who are interested in refreshing their shoe collection without breaking their budget to do so. The number of designs might be relatively low , considering the fact that we can only spot three different designs, however the color palette is relatively varied featuring several different options.

Versatility seems to be the main concern of the designers. When chosen in colors such as white, black, light beige or brown the shoes can be adapted to a very wide range of outfits without too much difficulty. Metallic influences can also be spotted, being a good alternative for those who might choose to spice things up a bit and who might want to take a higher dose of risks in terms of fashion.

To provide an undeniable summerish look, the brand offers espadrilles as a style option for those who might be interested in a more casual look. While these might offer a more restricted palette of options, the casual look they provide can be hard to match with other types of choices. The multi strap design matches the latest fashion trends perfectly, adding complexity and glamor to the collection.

Designed to suit women of various ages and with prices ranging from $24.99 to $29.99, the collection will most likely be a resounding success. Staying fashionable on a budget is becoming easier and easier thanks to the ingenuity of the designers who are constantly looking for ingenious ways to meet the demands of their customers. Select your favorite designs and get ready to make a statement in the following season.