Keep your blooming season wardrobe fabulous by getting hold of all the too-cool-to-miss accessories. Who can deny that a polished and uber-refined bag or footwear can’t help you make a real statement no matter the style of the event you’re preparing for?

The answer is no one, all trendsetters know that the professionally inspired and new season accessory designs must be valued and sported in order to preserve our spotless fashionista reputation. The secret to tame your cravings for exquisite and flamboyant footwear designs is to take a glimpse at the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2011 shoes collection. In spite of the popularity of eclectic fashion, the masterminds behind this acclaimed fashion houses decided to limit the color palette to neutrals and creamy tones. You’ll have the privilege to run through the versatile and breathtaking cavalcade of platform sandals decorated either with animal prints or alluring lace.

For the 25th anniversary of one of the most beloved Italian brands, designers at Dolce & Gabbana paid their tribute to the beauty ideal of the pure ivory shade. Echoing innocence and a tint of old class feminine allure, all these ensembles served as the best means to show that there’s no need to go for bold tricks to look stunning. Accessories were envisioned in the same style fantasy and follow the well-defined color pattern of the complete parade of attires. The multitude of white sandals all allows ladies to bring out the inner bride of their personality that longs for the sensual and vulnerable vibe this neutral shade emanates. Additionally, we’ll find shoes decorated with leopard prints. These turn out to be the crown pieces of the collection representing the perma-trend of animal patterns embedded into the mono-chromatic fashion opera of new season accessories.

Black lace slingbacks and stylish high heels will find their prominent position in the closet of all trailblazers. Embrace the lady-like cult trend that rules the runway to make sure you stay up-to-the-minute with the favorite tendencies of the fashion pack. Pair your chic Dolce & Gabbana shoes with a cute casual summer look or you can pierce them also into a more glamorous and drop-dead-gorgeous formal wear. Play with the visual effect of technicolor outfits complemented with these neutral shoes or you can work the same top-to-toe ivory colored apparel style ideas as illustrated in the spring summer 2011 collection.

Image courtesy of Dolce&Gabbana