Those who keep track of the hottest fashion trends of the moment are undoubtedly familiar with the strong infusion of ’70s inspired trends which have taken over the catwalks. From the motifs used to the fabric choices, most of the looks on the most important runways evoked the glorious decade in a myriad of imaginative and thought-provoking ways.

Vivid colors, a wide range of prints and a touch of romanticism were entirely noticeable at D&G. Unlike the Dolce&Gabbana brand which has focused on promoting mainly timeless looks in a pristine white hue, the D&G brand offered plenty of beautifully printed outfits that instantly captured the spring summer vibe.

In terms of accessories, the D&G brand has chosen to embrace the uber floral print which has become an undeniable symbol of the spring summer 2011 season. The floral motifs are almost omnipresent, whether we are talking about actual prints or details. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the shoes from the collection is that the floral influence is seen more in terms of details than actual prints. With a fairly restricted color palette that focuses mainly around red, green, yellow, blue and purple, the shoe styles appear very similar.

The impression of effortless elegance is without a doubt the concept the brand has chosen to adopt. Espadrille wedges balance style and the need for comfort perfectly and this is exactly the style the brand has chosen to endorse. Girly, playful and eye-catching, these shoes are perfect for a light-hearted person who doesn’t mind being in the spotlight from time to time. The big floral details add a touch of drama to the shoes, making them the perfect choice to liven up a simple outfit.

Checkered patterns are also used sparingly throughout the collection. Even though it might be seen like an odd addition, the pattern brings a touch of uniqueness to the collection. Combined with floral details or a contrasting color, these shoes invariably stand out. This particular detail also serves as a subtle vintage touch that sets apart these shoes. The cheerful spirit and the summerish vibe of the collection is more than evident, no matter which design you choose to focus your attention on.

A slightly trickier alternative endorsed by the brand are summer boots. Available in vibrant colors and with a delicate candy-like detail that makes a relatively simple detail just a little more complex , these summer boots are to add a pop of color to any outfit. Versatile and interesting, these are a style statement in and of themselves. If you generally see fashion with an upbeat attitude, this interesting collection is sure to spark your interest.

Photo courtesy of D&G