Scarf prints have practically defined the more youthful side of Dolce & Gabbana, the D&G spring 2012 collection and it seems like the accessories are not taking a more modest, inconspicuous route either. Bold tones, eclectic themes and a modern gypsy vibe are clearly noticeable in the shoe styles included in the latest collection for the warm seasons.

Colorful stripes, floral prints, gold coin symbols along with a myriad of other symbols and color punches immediately transform most of the designs into statement shoes that attract attention within seconds. As far as the preferred shoe style is concerned, high wedges seem to remain the most used choice for the new season.

The youthful allure of the D&G brand is particularly evident within the collection with the playfulness and the relaxed approach that is evident when combining patterns and textures with extreme ease. Though not particularly striking in the structural area, the peep toe wedges are definitely impressive and far from being easily forgettable.

Aside from the fun, varied patterns, textural details are kept at a comfortable minimum. Golden buckles appear to be a recurrent functional detail, whereas tones like bright red, bold yellow, orange, deep blue, beige, pink or green and purple are skillfully blended for a complex overall feeling. Paisley prints are an especially well defined choice that sets the collection apart, giving it an extra touch of uniqueness.

Photo courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana