It seems that sometimes fashion as well as shoe designers go over the top and opt for a more artistic approach when it comes to their designs. This allows the creation of statement shoes, shoes which feature interesting design that make the shoes more or less wearable.

There are several shoe designers which try to give their shoes a different look, a look which makes the designs unique and special. Fashion has always had an artistic side to it and it seems that statement shoe designers are emphasizing that side to the maximum. Because these shoes are so different, they are most definitely worth your attention as not only they are perfectly wearable they also attract a generous amount of attention:

Chewing Gum Pumps

One of the most interesting shoe designs has been created by Alberto Guardini, an Italian shoe designer which combined the sexiness of a lipstick with the lovely look of high heel shoes. The lipstick heel shoes look amazing and they are perfectly wearable, celebrities like Katy Perry proving that!

Another super-interesting design which actually brings smiles due to its design was created by Kobi Levi, who is known for his over-the-top designs. Kobi Levi’s chewing gum heel looks very realistic. The heel actually looks like sticky chewing gum so it’s definitely not your everyday kind of shoe!

YSL Palais Mohakw Pumps

Yves Saint Laurent is definitely a name with resonance in the fashion industry and its designs always exude sexiness and style. One of the most interesting designs created in 2010 are the YSL Palais mohawk pumps. These pumps feature an uber-interesting mohawk along the heel adding a great amount of style to the design. These shoes have an attitude!

Alexander McQueen was one talented fashion designer which was known for his innovative designs. The shoes signed Alexander McQueen looked amazing and certain designs exuded sophistication. Alexander McQueen’s last shoe collection, the fall/winter 2010 collection was incredible and featured fabulous shoe designs out of which two stand out. The Alexander McQueen wing embroidered platform sandals and the Alexander McQueen gold angel wing shoes. Both designs exude style and look amazing; a real delight to watch!

Do try and observe the amount of talent and work behind these cool designer statement shoes as fashion is art and deserves your applause!