Collaborations tend to bring out the best in each brand, which is why the brand collaborations which are more and more frequent these days are such a source of joy and satisfaction. When the news came out that Cole Haan, Jen Brill & Olivia Kim from Opening Ceremony will be releasing a new collection of shoe designs together, excitement was the automatic response. With the newest styles ready for sale emerging is fairly obvious that such reaction was well justified in more ways than one.

First off, the new trendy alternatives are great for adding a pop of color to a toned down outfit or keeping things fairly casual and subdued when necessary. While having the best of both worlds, chromatically speaking, is great, it is far from being the only fun attribute of the newest collection. The makers didn’t think only about fashionistas willing to trade comfort in favor of style when designing these beauties. The trio tackles the problem of comfort first hand with the new offerings.

Aside from the chunky heels which offer way more stability than thinner ones, the new designs have cushioned soles using the same technology as Nike Air Max for added comfort, which means these won’t be suitable for sitting pretty occasions only. Transitioning from day to night in these babies won’t prove a struggle. We leave you with a final word of advice from Olivia Kim regarding the three pairs of shoes everyone should own: “A great comfortable heel that goes from day to night, something to wear in the rain or snow, and a beat-up pair of Chucks.”

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony