Influenced by cultural art all over the world, with a real interest in shapes, equilibrium and perfectly cutting a design, the London-based designer uses only the best quality Italian leathers in each of her creation, giving any of her shoes a unique, distinctive allure easy to recognize.

Both complex and funny, due to their fascinating coloration, Clementine Baxter’s spring 2010 shoe collection follows, in an intimate and personalized manner, the works of Arnaldo Pomodoro, an Italian sculptor, or of Heringa and Van Kalsbeek sculptors, which created a series of work called “Cruel Bonsai”.

Before creating these amazing pairs of shoes, the designer took her time and designed each of them in 2D and 3D sketches, for one perfect result. Her shoes come now in beautiful colors, mixing the natural wooden one with intense fuchsia, aqua or purple.

The heels are architectural, fluid and incredibly artistic, with fascinating details just like the cherry wooden topper.

We loved the yellow All Trussed Up shoes, available for £690, or the Hell Boys, £695, and also the Conquering Vertigo, £615.

Even though the prices might seem a little bit expensive for an upcoming designer, our guess is that it’s all worth it, as Clementine Baxter is going to be one big name among the fashion brands.