Designer shoes are often difficult to describe into words due to their incredibly stylish designs. If you love shoes you have to take a glimpse at the amazing spring summer 2011 shoes John Galliano designed for Christian Dior and admire their uniqueness.

Christian Dior is most definitely a name with resonance in the shoe and fashion design industry as the fashion designs bearing this name look absolutely amazing.
Christian Dior presented his first fashion collection in 1947 and since then his name remained in the history of fashion. The high quality incredibly feminine designs can be still seen on the runway fashion presentations as this label is carried on with the help of other important fashion designers.

The Christian Dior shoes for spring summer 2011 were created to suit the new trends and style of the collection, John Galliano being the creative director responsible for the incredible Christian Dior collection.

Shoes play a very important role when it comes to the look and style of an outfit so choosing the right pair of shoes is a must. There's probably no woman on the face of the planet who doesn't love shoes and we're not surprised why. The colors and shoe styles seem to offer endless possibilities when it comes to designs so that every woman can find the perfect shoe style for her.

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

It seems that comfort, style and femininity is a must when it comes to shoe designs this year and the Christian Dior spring summer 2011 shoes tried to incorporate all these characteristics into the designers featured on the runways.

One of the shoe styles which manages to stand out from the others are the flats. Flats are a must nowadays as they offer both style and comfort during the warm seasons, plus they can be worn with different style outfits. The ballerina shoes have a very interesting cutout design while the thong flats enhance femininity and attract attention through the use of s simple yet realistic flower application.
Both flats look incredibly stylish so don't hesitate to try both styles to see which suits you best!

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

For spring summer 2011, John Galliano came up with some incredibly stylish and colorful high heels which feature distinct and lovely designs. Feathers, raffia design heels, rope straps, sateen straps are only a few of the dominant details which make this shoe collection incredibly stylish.

The colors are super-fun and attract a generous amount of attention towards the shoes underlining their style.
Theses shoes will most definitely be seen on different red carpet events so we can't wait to see which celebrity finds them a perfect match!

Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

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