Chie Mihara is one of the most talented and appreciated accessory designers. Learning the art of designing in Japan than moving to New York she had the chance to draw the inspiration from the various traditions and cultural events. This is indeed what mirrors her use of decorations as well as tailoring designs. However the famous designer claims that her chief purpose is to grant us with, unique, chic and above all comfortable shoes.

The Chie Mihara Fall/Winter 2010-2011 shoe collection relies on the practical factor and offers us the privilege to sport wearable and classy footwear. The designs reveal a more utilitarian approach which means limiting the color use as well as the decorations to the functional and easy-to-handle patterns. Those who are impressed by the works of free-lancer shoe designers should take a closer look at the most prominent pieces of Chie Mihara’s collection.

Chic Boots

Preparing for the coldest days of the season would force us to choose from the most stylish boots that fulfill a dual purpose both to keep us chic and most importantly to keep our feet warm. Choose from the stylish bow embellished pieces as well as the fall 2010 lace up boots that are perfect for any casual or office event. The simple patterns and minimalist approach are obvious as we take a closer look at the fine details. Chie Mihara is indeed one of the designers who teamed her creativity with the ambition to furnish the female society with comfortable and chic footwear from the stylish and flirt boots to the cute high heels.

Ankle Boots

Besides the refined structure high class fabric use and the various trademark designs Chie Mihara also included an additional anatomical footbed in order to make wearing these shoes a real pleasure. The shoes are not only practical and well-defined but also bear the signs of a feminine hand that is eager to establish a connection between the owner of the footwear as well as the accessory. Those who long for personalized and unique designs will be thrilled to take a closer look at the leather, fabric as well as suede ankle boots offered by the online store of the designer. The fine decorations and embellishments would all contribute to the overwhelming visual impression these shoes offer.

Flirty High Heels

Ruffles, stylish and unique flower details as well as bows and cute ribbons are some of the details to pay special attention to when looking through the collection of Chie Mihara. These details are indeed the signature elements used by the accessory designer who aims to stay inside the limits of casual chic and envision utilitarian and comfy high heels that offer us extreme pleasure to wear both hen heading to a meeting or a cocktail party. The dancing-shoes-like designs make the high heels even more feminine and romantic. Moreover you’ll find here thicker heels which offer the proper support for your body no matter your weight. Ease the pressure on your feet and sport the most sophisticated shoes this winter offered by the revolutionary shoe designer Chie Mihara.

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