The idea that you can never have too many shoes is one of the most beloved mantras of a true fashionista. And, with the multitude of breathtaking designs available nowadays, restricting your desires and limiting your options and resisting the temptation to own the hottest shoes of the moment can be a true challenge even for more conservative shoppers. Among the shoe collections that can prove extremely hard to resist is the spring summer 2011 Cesare Paciotti collection.

Sophisticated, refined and alluring, the shoes seem specifically designed to help you release your inner vixen. Consisting mainly of high heeled shoes, the collection highlights many of the hottest trends of the season by utilizing various concepts. As a result, the shoe designs can vary widely, offering alternatives that can suit several style preferences. While lace details might appeal to those who like a romantic style with vintage accents, exotic leather touches and animal prints can be a wonderful choice for those who are not afraid to stand out. Likewise, denim touches might be suitable for those who are looking for a simple way to glam up a casual outfit.

Combining different textures together and opting for surprising color combos are two simple methods used by the brand to create interest instantly. Simple or complex, the shoe designs are never boring, thanks to the multitude of elements used to make them stand out. No detail is left to chance, this idea being more than evident even at a superficial glance.

Even though versatile shoes that can be used for a variety of occasions are predominant, the designer also focuses on shoes that are suitable for more formal events. Certain shoes seem to be specifically designed to be suitable for evening gowns. These types of shoes seem to have a few common characteristics. Colors like black, gold, gray exude luxury and elegance being classic, timeless choices with a high degree of versatility. Rhinestones are also used to add a touch of glamor to the designs and to make them more evening appropriate.

Cut out shoes are an important part of the collection. Unlike other designers who chose prints as a main point of interest, the Cesare Paciotti brand uses this method to create interest and complexity. Paired with the right details, this technique is more than enough to create jaw dropping designs. Speaking of details, some subtle elements are worth mentioning. Ribbons, tassels or buckles may be less evident, yet they add uniqueness to otherwise simple shoe styles.

Photo courtesy of Cesare Paciotti