The spring/summer 2012 season is all about diversity when it comes to style and that can be observed simply by browsing through some of the latest fashion and shoe collections signed by various internationally renowned designers. The Casadei spring/summer 2012 shoe collection demonstrates the beauty and powerful attraction of high end accessories, so check out the new collection and find out what not to miss out during this upcoming season.

Shoes have an unmatchable power of completion over the look of an outfit, being able to underline a certain style, so no wonder that women consider shoes an investment. Casadei brings that Italian luxury through its designs, shoes that are original, wearable, ultra seductive and definitely luxurious. The new season is all about mixing bright colors with timeless hues such as black and nudes and Casadei has managed to incorporate all these must have elements into the spring 2012 shoe collection.

Diversity gives the possibility to explore and work various day to evening chic looks and Casadei knows that constantly reinventing looks are the key to always maintaining an up-to-date, fresh look that you can never get bored with.

The new collection features both elegant and more casual shoe designs perfect from the office to a hot night out. Featuring a modern yet classic design, Casadei’s neon pumps bring an irrepressible touch of class and femininity, perfect for women who love to be creative with their outfits yet still want to maintain an obvious elegant allure.

The luxurious sexiness of snakeskin this spring season is irrefutable and Casadei just made this key spring trend so much hotter by going for all over snakeskin prints or snakeskin and leather combos that attract attention like a magnet. Prepare to be enchanted by classic stiletto pumps, comfy chic wedges and flats, cool and edgy design pumps and platforms that feature a total demonstration of craftsmanship. Whether you’re all about simple designs or you love standing out of the crowd through neon elements or bold designs that give a bit of a kick to any outfit, Casadei’s spring/summer 2012 shoe collection features a design to suit your style, so check it out and pick your new season must haves.

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