Since the holidays are approaching, the thought of spring doesn’t seem quite as far-fetched, even though there’s still plenty of time left until we’ll put away boots in favor of flirty sandals. Casadei sure makes the thought tempting with a myriad of splendid alternatives for the spring 2013 season. Pastels and plain tonal elements are by no means the ones that set the tone for the upcoming warm months. The label is all about making a strong impression and the choices reflect the attitude perfectly.

Print lovers might notice that the upcoming such choices are more limited than what they might have gotten used to, but the label makes such options a star component of the new collection, given the fact that some of the most complex styles revolve around the popular animal print theme that instantly steals the spotlight. If you’re after some statement designer shoes for the new season, such alternatives should be carefully considered as thy sure have the potential to take you to new style heights.

If you’re not much of a fan of animal prints, the vibrantly toned alternatives which add a strong colorful punch to any outfit might be more interesting to analyze. It’s definitely noteworthy that the label’s mantra is definitely on the ‘go high or go home’ side. From classy modern pumps to edgy platforms, height is seen as the element that ultimately gives the alternative of a sexy allure that becomes impossible to miss. The focus on perfectly setting proportions and highlighting the geometric structural touches falls right in line with the upcoming new trends.

Those who subscribe to the idea that accessories should be strong focal points instead of simple tools for completing an outfit should definitely take note of the choices the label is aiming to bring to the market, since such options will certainly prove popular among shoe lovers that love a bit of edginess mixed with modern vibes and an intense desire to bring sexy vibes without resorting to tacky alternatives which might not attract the type of the desired attention.

Photo courtesy of Casadei