Shoes might have been invented out of necessity, but nowadays shoes are the ultimate accessory in the fashion world as their style completing power is irrefutable. The sky is the limit when it comes to shoe designs as each season new designs hit the fashion scene, so if you’re looking for statement, high quality shoes to help you polishing your style to perfection, turn your attention towards Casadei. The brand always amazes with its innovative shoes and its fall 2012 designs demonstrate the qualities that helped push the brand to the top of ‘shoeaholics’ preferences.

It might seem a bit weird to start prepping ahead since summer for the fall 2012 season, but if you wish to make sure you’re all ‘trendiliscious’, you have to take your time and plan your wardrobe carefully. You’re gonna put an immense pressure on your budget if you’re thinking of grabbing a hold of the trendiest fall outfits and accessories at the beginning of the season, so start early and plan your budget and wardrobe style ahead to start off the new season in style without too much fuss. The fall 2012 fashion season has put on display an array of trendy styles to suit women with different personalities and to match the needs of the fashion scene, shoe designers took the same path and went crazy with their shoes.

The possibilities are endless, so no wonder that Casadei’s fall 2012 shoe collection puts on display an array of oh-so-fabulous shoes that range in style from thigh-high boots to classic boots and classic pumps. With both vintage and contemporary influences, the shoe collection lures in attention like a magnet as besides the fabulous design, the shoes display some of the most deluxe fabrics such as crocodile leather, patent leather and suede. We detect a bit of a fetish-theme when looking at the thigh-high boots that display either an embellished stiletto heel or an edgy looking platform, and at the strappy red patent leather ankle booties. Their soft approach to edginess exudes a high dose of sexiness, making them a perfect style booster for women that want to look sexy and fashionable while still making a statement.

For the contemporary woman, Casadei chose to put on display lovely boots, ankle booties and platform pumps that display either fur elements, fringes or a cool three-tone neon and black coloration that is bound to steal attention. Feminine, sexy, modern yet not too bold, the designs are a perfect choice for the divas hat want to be in the center of attention without looking like they’re even trying.

Obviously, classic designs such as equestrian-style boots tall and medium cut and various pumps are a necessity as classic designs never fall out of style. From simple black to pretty pink/red/navy mix and red these designs will help complete any classic wardrobe, so grab on to your favorite shoes and make sure you’re not falling low on options this fall. Casadei’s fall 2012 shoes feature all the new season must haves, so grab on to your favorite pairs and flaunt your shoes from day to evening like a true diva!

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